OÜ Viimre was established in 1993 as Finnish-Estonian joint venture.

Today, we are a company based 100 % on Estonian capital. Our main products include interior and outer doors, partitions and facades made of steel profiles.

We are not a small business operating in somebody's back yard, but a company with industrial production facilities employing 11 persons. It takes two days to manufacture and paint a metal door. We use high-quality Swiss-made Forster steel profiles as raw material and Europolveri powder coating.

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In addition to the manufacture of metal structures, we install doors and other filling elements for openings.



Fire doors

Security doors


Reg. nr. 10028442

Kaluri st. 13, Haabneeme, Viimsi parish 74001 Harjumaa

Phone : +372 609 1143, Fax: +372 609 0621