Metal doors

We produce traditional security doors as well as security doors with veneer cover (i.e. decorated doors). Our product range also accommodates security doors complying with fire integrity certificates E30 and E60. The doors are painted using the high-quality powder method and the range of tones is practically limitless. All doors we manufacture have a 2-year warranty. The product range is wide, including both cheap and expensive metal doors.

Locks and latches

Metal doors normally have two locks - a utility lock and a safety lock. A utility lock is opened with a key from outside and with a wing knob from the inside. A safety lock is opened from both sides by a key and is the main anti-theft facility. We supply and install BODA safety locks and ASSA and Abloy utility locks. Also, we install locking systems with a door phone for apartment buildings.


We provide partitions and sliding doors. Tailored solutions can improve a building's interior design considerably.


A proper and original façade creates the prerequisites for successful business. We provide facades based on our own or the client's drawings.

Other filling elements for openings

Our product range is not limited only to the aforesaid products - it includes security windows, security walls, window gratings, etc.

The range of works gives a better picture of our products.



Fire doors

Security doors


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